M O V I N G  ~  T O W A R D S  ~  B A L A N C E

Welcome to this moment for your skin and self: A ritual to awaken your natural radiance and restore healthy balance every day. Fit for all skin types, tulasāra is a modern approach to ancient techniques from Ayurveda, the art of wellness from India. 

STEP 1: Begin the ritual by inhaling a deep cleansing breath, and exhale until your diaphragm feels empty. Center yourself, focus on how you feel and let your breaths lengthen. 

STEP 2: Invigorate skin with facial dry brush massage designed with ultra-soft nylon bristles to remove dull cells from skin's surface. On clean, dry skin, brush upward and outward in circular motions for 1 minute. Begin at your décolleté and move up to the forehead. Always work outward from the center - to left then right. 

STEP 3: Next, brush in outward and downward sweeping motions moving from forehead back to décolleté, working outward from the center. 

STEP 4: Awaken microcirculation with a facial massage. Warm 4 pumps of Radiant Oleation oil between hands, cup over nose and breathe in the aroma of certified organic rose, jasmine and geranium. Massage the oil into your skin with back-and-forth motions moving from décolleté up to forehead to instantly reveal skin's radiance. 

STEP 5: Steep your skin in pure plant oils for 4 minutes. Enjoy a tea or continue your routine while the oil nourishes your skin. Follow with cleansing and toning. 

STEP 6: Apply 2 pumps of Bright, Calm or Firm concentrate serum to your face and décolleté to restore skin's protective barrier. 

STEP 7:  To complete the ritual, apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin and eye creme to diminish the look of dark circles and puffiness. Love the radiant glow you see and the soft smooth skin you feel. 


G  E  T    G  L  O  W  I  N  G!

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Care instructions: Wash brush every 30 days with a mild soap and allow to air dry. Ensure brush is completely dry prior to use and stored right side up to avoid damaging the Nylon bristles .