Unique / Funny / Adventurous

Brea’s kindness is infectious.

“Community means living in this glorious and huge world, but making it seem like I have a place that’s not so overwhelming. It means creating a pocket and knowing I belong there.”

Brea’s experience with Civello, both as a valued guest of over 10 years and as a hair model for Creative Director Tristin Morrison, is one where beauty meets creativity and knowledge. And her favourite Civello moment? “When Morgan cut my fringe. She gave me the ultimate ‘babe hair.’  She has a magnificent way of listening to her clients, understanding what they are trying to attain and then executing in such a precise, calm, confident and gorgeous manner.”

More than a model, Brea is exemplary of what it is to truly care for others and for the world we live in. Feeling most connected when enjoying the outdoors and the small green spaces afforded by city life, small acts of kindness like picking up litter for her puppies and for the other animals living here go a long way. Brea believes that helping strangers and being kind to the environment makes a world that’s already a big and beautiful place, a little lovelier to be a part of.