Creative / Emotional / Loving

Charlotte knows how to take care.

“My son is my inspiration. Everything I do is with the goal of creating a beautiful happy life for us to share.”

A friend of the Civello community since her early days in modelling, Charlotte began her incredible career walking in North American hair shows and has subsequently fostered meaningful relationships that are not only collaborative and creatively fulfilling, but are also rooted in a mutual care and respect. For Charlotte, Civello means family and offers a space where any moment is a pleasure and every experience is special.

At the core of everything Charlotte does, is her desire to care for her community, her family and her son. Balancing a multi-disciplinary career as a model, actor and journalist, she also instructs in wellness, yoga and mindfulness.

For Charlotte, community and connectivity are intimately linked—whether to reflect in nature and feel more connected to oneself, or to commune with friends or family and feel more connected to others. In person, by text or email, Charlotte shows she cares by showing up.