Expressive / Honest / Student

Jessie sees the power in a word.

“The best way I express creativity is not only through the drinks I make, but my words—the way I communicate and connect with people on a daily basis.”

Jessie understands that beauty comes in many diverse forms; in the high-fashion looks she has posed during New York Fashion Week, in a well-crafted cocktail, in the words we speak to others. It may come as no surprise that, as a Criminology student, she is compelled by the transformative power of a word spoken with sincerity and it’s capacity to positively impact those around her.  For Jessie, true connection and developing a sense of community is one that stems from honest roots.

After being scouted as a model on campus, Jessie first came to know Civello in 2017. “To me, Civello has always meant breaking grounds, trying something new so as to be closer to yourself through exploration and experimentation. It means kindness and continuous learning.”