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Positive / Polished / Persistent

Lisa is an enlightened influencer.

“My mind is like a light bulb that’s constantly on… Everyday. Everywhere.”

Like a fierce lioness, Lisa shows strength and courage in all she does. A retailer, designer and influencer, she is constantly on the prowl for new opportunities to flex her creative muscles as a master of fashion and design. One of Toronto’s most stylish people, she also feels most connected when creatively collaborating with the women who inspire her. She is empowered in sharing her meticulously curated and design-focused collections, showing women how to be their most fabulous selves while demonstrating the power that comes in seeking your own style.

As an established authority in the global fashion community and friend of Civello since 1993, Lisa shares a deep appreciation for quality and integrity in making aesthetic choices. And like Civello, Lisa finds her own inspiration in everyday moments. “Life is inspiring, or it should be. Everyday ‘da Leone’, that’s my motto.”