Creative / Curious / Free

Nadia is a fearless inquirer.

“What keeps me coming back is their commitment to authentic beauty. Civello wants you to look like the best version of you. Not manufactured, homogenized or trendy beauty: authentic beauty.”

Discovering a place of repose from city life in the soothing environment of Civello Rosedale since 1998, Nadia has also found a like-minded community within the people who work there. Civello’s unremitting pursuit of authentic beauty strives to get at the best version of you. In a world overtaken by fast fashion, social media influencers and trends that come and go in nanoseconds, both Civello and Nadia agree that sometimes the bravest stance to take is to embrace your own unique beauty.

What does it mean to be brave? This could mean a multitude of things to all of us differently, whether conquering a stubborn phobia, or having the courage to make a life-changing decision. Nadia, however, is a shining beacon to what is possible when the unknown is embraced. Her curiosity and free-spirited nature have propelled her along adventurous paths—as she moved her life from Winnipeg to Toronto, and even now as she pursues her creative passions as a filmmaker. But at the heart of this fearlessness is her desire to find authenticity—to choose to be the truest version of herself and to seek out the same in others.