Outgoing / Reliable / Understanding

Naima is a study in self-love.

“My connection with Civello is spiritual. I believe that hair holds energy as well as being important to our overall appearance.”

As much a student of life as she is in college, Naima discovers sources of inspiration in reading and listening to the stories of others. Tapping into herself during moments of solitude (such as walking or meditating) are important instances for quiet self-reflection. But Naima knows that growth and love for yourself can also stem from the unfamiliar. “My favourite Civello moment would be when I went out of my comfort zone and dyed my hair blue for Masterjam, which took place in Italy. Ray cut my hair on stage in front of thousands of people. It was scary but it taught me nothing good comes out of comfort zones. You have to do things that are sometimes uncomfortable to grow a lot of the time.”

For Naima, Civello represents growth and self-love. “Every time I do my hair, or I get services done, I feel more empowered and more confident in myself. I feel like I can accomplish more things than I tell myself that I can.”