Eccentric in style / Independent / Memorable

Priya is a sartorial sage.

“What I wear everyday is my art: my creative outlet. I am often overdressed and never mind. I daydream about putting together outfits. Fashion, style and getting dressed is my reason for getting up in the morning.”

For Priya, Civello offers a place to feel pampered and to refresh, to try something radical and new, or head back to her roots. “My trusted hair people at Civello have taken me on a wild hair ride over the past 20+ years: from long and curly, to bright blond, to pixie boy short, to platinum, then white blond, and then somehow managed to get me back on earth with the goal of long and natural brown, naturally curly hair.” 

Finding inspiration in the stylish people around her—store window displays and all things bright and shiny—Priya lives and breathes for fashion. But for her, the experience of dressing is profound. Her closet is her artist’s palette, her body is her canvas, and the world is her muse.