Silly / Androgynous / Pixie

Yazmin embodies the essence of a harmonious life.

“I feel the most connected to myself when I am on my yoga mat or when there are trees close by. I am a huge fan of my alone time and love having the chance to become better aquatinted with myself. To connect with my friends and family, simply spending time with them is a gift.”

And while time alone in nature is so valued by Yazmin, so too is every opportunity to foster authentic human connections. Her community of friends and family is deeply rooted in love, encouraging (or at times maybe something more akin to tolerating) her own silly brand of humour.

Yazmin’s journey with Civello began in 2018. Sensing kinship in a mutual admiration for self-expression, a shared passion for evolving creative practices and a respect for finding the perfect balance, her connection to Civello means a chance to be a part of something truly substantial.

Whether honing her craft as a freelance writer in cozy coffee shops or instructing classes in sunny yoga studios, Yazmin’s life is a practice in balance and mindfulness, discovery and gratitude.

For Yazmin, the creativity that drives her practice is intimately linked to her connection with nature. The lingering salty scent of the ocean in her hair, or the soft and tufted texture of grass beneath her feet are the venerable bonds that awaken her creative spirit—offering themselves as sources of inspiration, reflection and renewal.